Young Leader’s Conference 2018



    Want to amp up your leadership skills and find the essence of your true empowerment?

    Future Leaders’ Conference 2018 hosted by College of Foundation and Diploma Studies (CFDS) is inviting UNITEN and all higher education students be it IPTA or IPTS or those who are waiting for their UPU results ? , to join us as this is THE platform to improve your leadership and communication skills other than widening your social network, of course. There will be plenty of fun ?? and exciting games that will be conducted to test your skills and hone them into perfection.


    Logan: His Time Has Come

    Logan is a movie by 20th Century Fox about a worn out and damaged James Howlett a.k.a The Wolverine and Logan. He has spent several years, after the mass genocide of mutants, looking after Professor Xavier near the Mexican border. Avoiding social contact, Logan is one day met by a nurse named Gabriella, who pays Logan for the safety and protection of a young mutant named Laura, who’s very much like him. Logan must now protect the young Laura from dark forces that wish to capture and do harm to her and her kind.


    The Incredibles 2: A Childish Teenager’s Review

    14 YEARS! IT HAS BEEN 14 YEARS! Jack-Jack and his family… wait sorry, Robert Parr and his family made their first appearance in theatres the same year that Facebook was launched. No matter how old you are, PLEASE get up from that couch and watch Incredibles 2 in cinemas (Say no to online piracy guys!). Why? Dude, come on, you don’t need a reason to watch the Parr family again.


    After All This Time?

    Most of us are familiar with the bad guy turned good in movies. The cinema has done a pretty good job of it for the past decades. Well enough with that because today I’m going to be talking about a good man in a bad guy suit. Frankly speaking, it is about a good guy who stayed in the bad side or something similar. It’s complicated so that is why you are gonna have to listen closely. Good, let’s go.



    Alice looked at her hands in horror. The crimson-colored liquid flowed through her hands. Five dead bodies were laying in front of her. The sight before her caused her to tremble like a leaf. It was an eerie scene as there was a pool of blood surrounding her. The knife on her lap looked dull and useless yet it can cause death.

    She wanted to scream for help but her voice did not come out. She crept towards the dead body nearest to her, wrapping her arms around it and held it as close as she could to her body. She did it delicately as if it was a piece of glass that could break at any moment.


    #KitaTerangi Lights Up the Hearts of Refugees and Unitenians

    KAJANG, 4TH JUNE 2018 – On May 28, 2018, KitaTerangi was held in the UNITEN’s students’ lounge at the UNITEN Student Centre (USC). KitaTerangi is an initiative by #KITAUNITEN to engage with the most vulnerable community in our society, refugees. UNITEN reached out to students from IDEAS Academy to help provide a holistic education. IDEAS Academy is a secondary learning center for underprivileged children, including those who are refugees, stateless and undocumented. It is located in Kuala Lumpur.

    Preparations for KitaTerangi were ongoing ever since UNITEN’s recent semester break (May) and took place on May 28. 50 students from the academy attended the event. There was street sketching activity for the students, conducted by a freelance artist, Mr. Aliff Danial. The session started at 3 p.m. and lasted for two hours. They were taught about shades and even sketched the faces of their friends.


    Welcoming Day – UNITEN Chinese Culture Club


    KAJANG, 11th June – A Welcoming Day by the Chinese Culture Club was held at the Leisure Hall on the 8th of June. A total of 65 students participated in this event which lasted from 12pm to 6pm. The Welcoming Day was held to welcome the new students as well as to foster relations among those who participated.


    Nur Aiman Makes It Through to Nationals for Maybank Go Ahead Challenge!

    One of the four students who qualified in his campus-level round, Aiman is amazed at the opportunity given to him.

    SUBANG JAYA, 12th June – Nur Aiman bin Zainuddin, a third year major in Electrical Power Engineering, has just launched himself into the national rounds of the Maybank Go Ahead Challenge (MGAC).  MGAC is comprised of multiple rounds and is being held concurrently in various universities across the globe. One of the four finalists selected for his campus-level round in Taylor’s College Lakeside Campus, Nur Aiman is now one step closer to reaching the global finals.