Real-Life Heroes – The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency

    SUBANG, 3rd August 2018 – As the participants sat in the conference room at the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA), they were regaled with tales of bravery and valour. Fighting pirates trafficking drugs on the high seas, saving lives, extinguishing rapacious forest fires and apprehending small armed robbers hijacking vessels closer to home are all in a day’s work for the brave men who patrol our waterways, keeping us safe in our homes.


    The Student Representative Lineup of Term 18/19 is now Official

    After a successful previous term, it is now time to welcome in the new Student Representative Council of term 2018/2019. The oath-swearing took place in the Chancellery Hall located on the first floor of the Admin Building on July 26. The ceremony was attended by Vice Chancellor Dato’ Professor Ir. Dr. Kamal Nasharuddin bin Mustapha, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dato’ Professor Dr. Zamri bin Yusoff, Tuan Haji Ruzli Zairazi and even Ustazah Nooraini from Muadzam Shah campus. Council members from Muadzam Campus were also present.


    Future Leader’s Conference 1.0

    KAJANG 29th July 2018 – Participants of Future Leader’s Conference faced numerous challenges as they traversed the treacherous path laid ahead of them. Elevator pitches and business cases were the least of their concerns as they negotiated with terrorists, all while juggling with the welfare of the country and looming national debt.




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    Di Sebalik Tabir: UNITEN Bus Drivers – Don’t Forget To Thank Them (And why they only stop at bus stops)

    One of the most iconic things you can find in UNITEN is its buses. Whether it’s the shuttle bus to class or the one heading off-campus, you can always find them roaming about. Of course, bus drivers come part and parcel with the busses. Below is an interview with one of the bus conductors, Mr. Azrul Azlan Bin Rosli. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the bus drivers, maybe you’ll find some of the following very interesting! For those who are, let’s see how much you really know!


    The Heat is On! The 2018/2019 SRC Election is Back, & it’s Bigger than Ever – UNITEN KSHAS Special

    UNITEN KSHAS, Pahang – 9th of July 2018, with the start of a new academic year and the members of the 2017/2018 SRC bidding their last farewells, the students of UNITEN know it’s all but certain, the SRC election period is back. The atmosphere is beginning to fill up with the excitement and hype as new challengers rise to fill the 6 seat of KSHAS’ SRC and with it comes a full package of epic rivalries, the best ideas and ideals also the emergence of a new hope for the students of KSHAS.

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    Alunan Samudera

    Come and join Gema Gamelan Uniten in collaboration with Gamelan Uniten KSHAS on an adventure to discover the wondrous tunes and melodies of our ancestors throughout the Malay archipelago. Everyone is invited to sail away with us on a journey of a lifetime.
    ⛵ 18th of July 2018
    ⛵ 8:00 p.m.
    ⛵ Library Auditorium UNITEN, Putrajaya Campus
    #sailwiththemelody #kitauniten