Where Are The Horses? – Horror Story

    Even before receiving my acceptance letter, I knew that UNITEN has its own equestrian club. For those who don’t know, it’s the club where people ride around on horses. It’s proudly advertised on the main website. Only upon coming to UNITEN did I realize that the club was inactive, the only four-legged animals prowling the campus being cats, stray dogs, monitor lizards and the occasional otter, which I have never personally seen, but multiple friends of mine have me convinced that they exist. I never intentionally set out to find what I did that day. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.


    Top 5 Places To Eat Near UNITEN

    Want to go on a date but don’t know where to eat?

    Frequent arguments with your partner about “Nak makan mana ni?” that will eventually lead to catastrophic endings?

    Tired of googling “Places to eat in *designated residence*?

    Afraid not, UNITEN Curry House is here to save the day! (or maybe even your relationship)


    Di Sebalik Tabir: UNITEN Bus Drivers – Don’t Forget To Thank Them (And why they only stop at bus stops)

    One of the most iconic things you can find in UNITEN is its buses. Whether it’s the shuttle bus to class or the one heading off-campus, you can always find them roaming about. Of course, bus drivers come part and parcel with the busses. Below is an interview with one of the bus conductors, Mr. Azrul Azlan Bin Rosli. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the bus drivers, maybe you’ll find some of the following very interesting! For those who are, let’s see how much you really know!


    Things would be a lot easier if she was gone….

    She thought…

    she said to herself….that things would be a lot easier if she vanished… She was fading away… She didn’t say a word, but she kept smiling on the outside. She felt that her world was falling apart… She wanted to be unilluminated, isolated and quiet but circumstances wouldn’t allow her to do so…



    Alice looked at her hands in horror. The crimson-colored liquid flowed through her hands. Five dead bodies were laying in front of her. The sight before her caused her to tremble like a leaf. It was an eerie scene as there was a pool of blood surrounding her. The knife on her lap looked dull and useless yet it can cause death.

    She wanted to scream for help but her voice did not come out. She crept towards the dead body nearest to her, wrapping her arms around it and held it as close as she could to her body. She did it delicately as if it was a piece of glass that could break at any moment.