[Filler Fridays #5]: Escapism


“Let’s go out tonight,” K suggests, cutting his chicken into small pieces before stuffing them inside his mouth.

It is lunch time and S had just finished his English class. It was his last class for this semester and the only reward that he wants right now is a good long sleep. But he knows that he won’t be getting any since he has another assignment to be finished tonight.

But, who is he kidding? He has been wrecking his brain to finish the assignment for almost 72 hours and he is not even half finished with the task. The subject is definitely not his forte and the fact that none of his group members know how to do anything is making him ready to dig his own grave so he can escape himself from the responsibility.

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[Filler Friday #3]: Wonderwall



He reads the last text message that he received ten minutes ago over and over again, eyes focusing on each letter and sentence as if he is trying to tattoo them across his skin. It is day seven, day seven into his endless misery and sometimes, he wishes he can end this. He wants to end everything or anything but the only way to do that is to take his life away and he knows how God forbids the action.

Throwing the depressing mobile device carelessly onto his bed, he shuffles his way to his study table, taking out his Macbook Air from the drawer. He plops himself down onto the chair, greeting his blank black wallpaper with a soft sigh. He has a lot of stuff to do; endless assignments need to be done and numerous quizzes and tests to be studied for.

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[Filler Fridays #3]: Reunion

Danial was at his 12th-year school reunion. Left and right were familiar, but matured faces of his ex-schoolmates. Some aged well, some… not so much.

He particularly remembered two people from school. One of which was Akmal, who he used to pick on because of his large size. He scoured around, but did not see him. He wanted to give his sincerest apologies.

Another person he remembered was Aimi, his beautiful high school sweetheart. What if she and Akmal ended up together? He chuckled at the thought, and bumped into Akmal, a gorgeous lady by his side.

“Danny! Hello old friend. This is my wife, Hafa,” he introduced.

Danial nodded, blushing at the sight of her rosy cheeks and soft face. He was somewhat relieved she was not Aimi, but was slightly envious of Akmal. Was this Karma?

“Danial!” a familiar voice called. It was Aimi. Age had treated her well.

“And this is my second wife, Aimi.”

Written by:  Ahmad Daniel Haziq Mahari Razol Mahari

[Filler Fridays #1]: A Heartfelt Goodbye

Thor twiddled the phone in his hands. He had a lot of papers to finish, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to come back home next week since finals were a fortnight away. He looked to his father, Khai, who was cursing at the slow traffic. This would probably be one of the last opportunities for conversation he’d have with his father.

“Hey Abah, how long did you know Mama before you two eloped?”

Khai uncomfortably inched the car forward in the dense traffic. Of all times to be caught in a jam. He swore under his breath.

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