Convocation – More Than Just A Ceremony

    Convocation is the end goal of every university student. It is the time for tears and joy and for throwing your hat in the air like you just don’t care but you really shouldn’t, because you might get them dirty and I think that you need to return them later. But at the same time, it also marks the start of a new life for the graduates. It’s when we really need to start adulting and doing adult things like taxes and paying mortgages. All part of the charms of adulthood! Here are a few short interviews conducted with a few of our outstanding graduates.


    Spilling the Tea with SRC

    For some of us, the most interesting UNITEN-related thing we can remember about the past few weeks is the drama that unfolded on the MPP UNITEN Facebook page, specifically the allegations made by certain parties towards another, and the resignation of 5 Student Representative Council (SCR) members. For the uninitiated, here’s the tea:

    *Disclaimer: The UNITEN Curry House and all its affiliates wish to express that the views and opinions within this article do not necessarily reflect those of our own. We wish to provide students with an impartial view of the situation by presenting the evidence before the reader and allowing them to judge for themselves the truth of the matter. (We’re all adults here. Let’s be mature about this.)


    The Heat is On! The 2018/2019 SRC Election is Back, & it’s Bigger than Ever – UNITEN KSHAS Special

    UNITEN KSHAS, Pahang – 9th of July 2018, with the start of a new academic year and the members of the 2017/2018 SRC bidding their last farewells, the students of UNITEN know it’s all but certain, the SRC election period is back. The atmosphere is beginning to fill up with the excitement and hype as new challengers rise to fill the 6 seat of KSHAS’ SRC and with it comes a full package of epic rivalries, the best ideas and ideals also the emergence of a new hope for the students of KSHAS.


    Know Your Candidate! – Elections 18/19 Coverage

    We’re all in anticipation of Monday’s HEP session with all our running candidates. Despite so, it’s inevitable to say that there are going to be some rather, do I dare say stale moments during that event due to all the technical talk. So in our to appeal to the more casual students, and in continuation of our election coverage, NADi presents to you: Know Your Candidate!  The only place where we give you a closer look at the person behind the candidate! Let’s get right into it!


    Nur Aiman Makes It Through to Nationals for Maybank Go Ahead Challenge!

    One of the four students who qualified in his campus-level round, Aiman is amazed at the opportunity given to him.

    SUBANG JAYA, 12th June – Nur Aiman bin Zainuddin, a third year major in Electrical Power Engineering, has just launched himself into the national rounds of the Maybank Go Ahead Challenge (MGAC).  MGAC is comprised of multiple rounds and is being held concurrently in various universities across the globe. One of the four finalists selected for his campus-level round in Taylor’s College Lakeside Campus, Nur Aiman is now one step closer to reaching the global finals.


    UNITEN nabs 1st runner up for The SAS FinTech Challenge 2017 – 2018


    From left: Lee Chong Keat, Chew Jing Yao, Nik Muhamad Mirza Hilman Bin Baderolsham and Lim Kien Seng happy with their achievement.

    KUALA LUMPUR, 31st May – Four students from College of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT), UNITEN have succeeded in winning first runner-up for The SAS FinTech Challenge 2017-2018. The final was held in Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on May 31. The winning group comprised of three Software Engineering students; Kien Seng, Chew Jing Yao and Nik Muhamad Mirza Hilman Bin Baderolsham as well as an Information System student, Lee Chong Keat.


    UNITEN Heading Off to Nationals! ICAEW Malaysia Region Business Challenge 2018

    Team Preeminence, champions of the Central Region. From left to right: Nurkhaireen Syamim binti Alizan (IB), Nur Aiman bin Zainuddin (EP), Ahmad Amin Bin Ismail @ Ibrahim (AC), Chew Jing Yao (SW), Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan bin Husain (SW) and Ahmad Haziq bin Ahmad Rozalan (AC).
    Team Outliers, champions of the Southern Region. From left to right: Prevena Murugesu (BF), Farah Aini Shazlin binti Salleh (AC), Muhammad Fitri bin Muhammad Fadzil (IB), Mustafa Arief bin Mohd Nasir (AC), Muhammad Nurhakim bin Abdul Halim (HR) and Irdina Batrisyia binti Riza Adami (HR).

    KAJANG, 1st May 2018 – Two teams representing Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) have emerged victorious in the Malaysia Qualifying Rounds of ICAEW Malaysia Regional Business Challenge 2018. The two teams, Team Outliers and Team Preeminence, have earned themselves a cheque of RM1200, a plaque, fast-track tickets to Maybank GO Ahead Challenge 2018 Campus Level as well as a spot in the National Finals to fight for the right of representing Malaysia in the Southeast Asian finals in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Nurkhaireen Syamim Alizan, the sole female member of Team Preeminence was determined to win after her team’s success in the Qualifying Rounds. “I’m not satisfied yet. Winning means we have a bigger responsibility to win once more and become the best.”

    Team Preeminence, which comprises of three students from UNITEN Muadzam Shah and three students from UNITEN Putrajaya, championed the Central Region after an intense clash with nineteen other teams in Multimedia University, Cyberjaya. Meanwhile, Team Outliers from UNITEN Muadzam Shah were crowned winners in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) over their performance in the Southern Region.


    Congratulations Chew Jing Yao and Lim Kien Seng for First Place in Rekathon 2017

    KUALA LUMPUR, 25th December – Two students from College of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT), UNITEN have succeeded in winning first place for Rekathon 2017. The hackathon was held in TM Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur from 16th to 17th November 2017. The winning group comprising two UNITEN students, Chew Jing Yao and Lim Kien Seng, as well as an Asian Pacific University (APU) student, as team ‘404 Not Found’ are proud and happy over their achievement.

    Rekathon 2017’s aim was to spearhead innovation related with the ever-trending Internet of Things (IoT) into Malaysia. The competition which gathered 23 teams, involved both students and working professionals on-site in the 24-hour event.  The teams competed for attractive prizes worth RM10, 000 by designing new products or solutions and presenting them to a panel of judges.

    As the first prize winner, 404 Not Found managed to win a RM5000 cash prize.


    UNITEN Students Achieve 2nd and 3rd in UNITEN’s Table Tennis Competition


    A facilitator briefing participants of the tournament regarding the rules and regulations.

    KAJANG, 26th November – A table tennis competition was organised by UNITEN Putrajaya Campus’ very own Table Tennis Club on November 19th 2017 at Dewan Seri Sarjana (DSS), joined by seven teams, ranging from UNITEN Muadzam Shah Campus (UNITEN KSHAS), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL), Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) as well as UNITEN Putrajaya Campus. The competition, based on a league system, ended with UNITEN Putrajaya’s Team A and Team B taking 2nd and 3rd places respectively, while the title of champion was crowned to table tennis players from UPM.

    A single team consisted of seven players, who would compete against other teams in three singles matches and two doubles matches in a fight to claim first place. Hana Syafiqah, a participant from UNITEN KSHAS, expressed her joy over joining the competition, “We all felt very welcomed by UNITEN Putrajaya as we had fun and gained more experience with this friendly event. I felt energetic and surprisingly not nervous about the tournament, so I hope that there will be more events like this in the future.”