[Bakti Siswa 2019] – An Interview with Program Director, Amer Danial


    Bakti Siswa 2019 – Mahasiswa D’Hati Rakyat, conducted by the Student Representative Council of 2018/2019, will be taking place in Kampung Pachitan, Port Dickson from 11th-14th April 2018. It is the third installation of the Bakti Siswa series, and a tradition started by the Student Representative Council of 2016/2017 in Kampung Lahar, Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang. Muhammad Amer Danial bin Rahmat, program director and president of the Student Representative Council of 2018/2019, describes Bakti Siswa 2019 as a volunteerism event for UNITEN students to immerse themselves in a rural kampong setting and adjust to the lifestyle of the locals, while contributing to their adopted families and the kampong as well.

    This year’s Bakti Siswa involves the most participants yet, comprising 160 participants from both Putrajaya and Muadzam campuses of Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN). NADi was able to observe decent feedback from the participants after they were involved in Bakti Siswa’s Training of Participants (TOP), which took place in the Leisure Hall from 6th-7th April 2019. Nur Syafiqah binti Mokhtar, one of the many participants, is feeling especially excited for Bakti Siswa 2019 after attending TOP, “I felt that the TOP was tedious and unnecessary at first, but I quickly turned around. I really enjoyed the activities and the bonding between the participants. I’m more excited now to meet my foster family and participate in the activities to come for Bakti Siswa.”


    IET UNITEN sheds light on Solar Energy to Secondary School Students in SMKA Maahad Hamidah

    STEM education is back again in the hand of IET UNITEN on Campus with the mind of introducing the concept of Solar Energy to secondary students in hopes to increase the students’ interest toward the Engineering field. Thanks to modern technological advancement, the future is filled with innovative technologies for comfort. Therefore, STEM education is really important for today’s generation to learn and gain much information and knowledge about the modern future.


    IET UNITEN sheds light on Solar Energy to Secondary School Students in SMJK Yu Hua

    The new semester started with a new hope in “IET UNITEN On Campus”, which was to spark interest in engineering to school students. “STEM education”, which is the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines, namely science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, had been IET UNITEN on Campus’s focus for their iconic events. To kick off our slew of events, we decided to start with the great concept of Solar Power, as it is one of the familiar theories that secondary school students have studied in class. By introducing the Solar Kit Workshop to the school and give students a practical hands-on experience, this, in theory, boosts the students’ interest of pursuing their further education to the Engineering field. Considering that modern technology has taken over the world drastically, STEM education is really important for nowadays generation to learn and to gain much information and knowledge about the modern future.

  • dance for kindness malaysia 2018

    Dancing on ’em with Kindness

    PUTRAJAYA, 11th November 2018 – The 7th Annual “Dance for Kindness (DFK)” took place at IOI City Mall situated in Putrajaya. The “Dance for Kindness” initiative is a movement created by Life Vest Inside, which unites people from all around the world, often segmented to as far as cities, to perform the same song, same dance, on the same day. Last year’s DFK took place in over 120 cities spread across 50 countries. This is the second time Putrajaya’s DFK took place at IOI City Mall, as well as the second time Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) organized the event. This time, it was sponsored by MIXIUQI as well as IOI City Mall.


    Convocation – More Than Just A Ceremony

    Convocation is the end goal of every university student. It is the time for tears and joy and for throwing your hat in the air like you just don’t care but you really shouldn’t, because you might get them dirty and I think that you need to return them later. But at the same time, it also marks the start of a new life for the graduates. It’s when we really need to start adulting and doing adult things like taxes and paying mortgages. All part of the charms of adulthood! Here are a few short interviews conducted with a few of our outstanding graduates.


    Spilling the Tea with SRC

    For some of us, the most interesting UNITEN-related thing we can remember about the past few weeks is the drama that unfolded on the MPP UNITEN Facebook page, specifically the allegations made by certain parties towards another, and the resignation of 5 Student Representative Council (SCR) members. For the uninitiated, here’s the tea:

    *Disclaimer: The UNITEN Curry House and all its affiliates wish to express that the views and opinions within this article do not necessarily reflect those of our own. We wish to provide students with an impartial view of the situation by presenting the evidence before the reader and allowing them to judge for themselves the truth of the matter. (We’re all adults here. Let’s be mature about this.)


    Real-Life Heroes – The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency

    SUBANG, 3rd August 2018 – As the participants sat in the conference room at the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA), they were regaled with tales of bravery and valour. Fighting pirates trafficking drugs on the high seas, saving lives, extinguishing rapacious forest fires and apprehending small armed robbers hijacking vessels closer to home are all in a day’s work for the brave men who patrol our waterways, keeping us safe in our homes.


    The Student Representative Lineup of Term 18/19 is now Official

    After a successful previous term, it is now time to welcome in the new Student Representative Council of term 2018/2019. The oath-swearing took place in the Chancellery Hall located on the first floor of the Admin Building on July 26. The ceremony was attended by Vice Chancellor Dato’ Professor Ir. Dr. Kamal Nasharuddin bin Mustapha, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dato’ Professor Dr. Zamri bin Yusoff, Tuan Haji Ruzli Zairazi and even Ustazah Nooraini from Muadzam Shah campus. Council members from Muadzam Campus were also present.


    Future Leader’s Conference 1.0

    KAJANG 29th July 2018 – Participants of Future Leader’s Conference faced numerous challenges as they traversed the treacherous path laid ahead of them. Elevator pitches and business cases were the least of their concerns as they negotiated with terrorists, all while juggling with the welfare of the country and looming national debt.




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