Book Lovers Assembled in UNITEN Library!


Visitors of “Library Clients’ and Book Lovers’ Day” satisfied after going to the program.

KAJANG, 11th December – “Library Clients and Book Lovers Day” was organized by the Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) Library on the 6th and 7th December 2017. Visited by a great number of students, the event took place in UNITEN Library starting from 9am and ending on 5pm for both days. Quite a number of activities were conducted in order to achieve the aim of the program: to attract more students to use the library’s services in the future.

For both days, a book fair was held in the 24-hour Study Area which sold books of various genres for students to purchase at a really cheap price. Students were also able to donate their old books as well as take part in quizzes and games from vendors at the e-Resources Clinic. A huge variety of food and beverages were also on sale at the main entrance.

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UNITEN Students Achieve 2nd and 3rd in UNITEN’s Table Tennis Competition


A facilitator briefing participants of the tournament regarding the rules and regulations.

KAJANG, 26th November – A table tennis competition was organised by UNITEN Putrajaya Campus’ very own Table Tennis Club on November 19th 2017 at Dewan Seri Sarjana (DSS), joined by seven teams, ranging from UNITEN Muadzam Shah Campus (UNITEN KSHAS), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL), Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) as well as UNITEN Putrajaya Campus. The competition, based on a league system, ended with UNITEN Putrajaya’s Team A and Team B taking 2nd and 3rd places respectively, while the title of champion was crowned to table tennis players from UPM.

A single team consisted of seven players, who would compete against other teams in three singles matches and two doubles matches in a fight to claim first place. Hana Syafiqah, a participant from UNITEN KSHAS, expressed her joy over joining the competition, “We all felt very welcomed by UNITEN Putrajaya as we had fun and gained more experience with this friendly event. I felt energetic and surprisingly not nervous about the tournament, so I hope that there will be more events like this in the future.”

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Spreading the Kindness with Dance for Kindness 2017!


“It’s a wrap!” – Participants and members of the committee gathered for a photo.

PUTRAJAYA, 14th November – In celebration of World Kindness Day 2017, students of Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), in collaboration with Life Vest Inside and the Sports and Culture Unit of UNITEN, organized “Dance For Kindness 2017 (DFK2017)” on the 12th November 2017. Taking place at Symphony Walk, IOI City Mall from 2pm to 3pm, the program aimed to spread the word on the importance of kindness through the art of dance. Attending the event was also Prof. Dr. Zamri bin Yusoff, Deputy Vice Chancellor of UNITEN.

Involving both UNITEN students and outsiders, DFK2017 required participants to carry out a flashmob, where participants danced a rehearsed set of dance moves, as well as a freezemob, where participants froze in place in a position of kindness in the span of three minutes. Garnering attention from the public, participants were truly enjoying themselves.

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Celebrating with UnitenWOW V: The Celebration

United as one, UNITEN students and staff alike satisfied at the end of UnitenWOW. #KITAUNITEN.

KAJANG, 9th NOVEMBER – UnitenWOW V: The Celebration officially came to a close after a spectacular and exciting set of activities that were carried out throughout the span of two days in Dewan Seri Sarjana (DSS). The program, which started on 6th November and ended on 7th November, aimed to introduce students to clubs and societies in Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN). A regular event that is conducted every semester, UnitenWOW V, like its predecessors, managed to gather a huge crowd.

A number of activities were conducted throughout UnitenWOW V. Among them was the soft launching of UNITEN Dedicated 10Gbps Internet Speed, the launching of UNITEN’s new e-Sports Club as well as #KITAUNITEN, a social movement initiated by Skuad Media UNITEN (SMU).

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Fishing Up The Very Best at “Pertandingan Memancing dan Karnival Jualan 2017”

Participant fishing along the lake.

KAJANG, 6th November 2017 –”Pertandingan Memancing dan Karnival Jualan 2017″ was organized by Persatuan Pelajar Kelompok Cendikiawan in collaboration with Persatuan Pelajar Kelompok Amanah, Kelab Kilat UNITEN, College of Graduate Studies (COGS), PKPI TNB Kawasan Bangi and PELITAWANIS TNB on the 4th November 2017 (Saturday) from 7:00am to 1:15pm, catered to expose students and non-students alike to a delightful experience fishing during the weekend. A total amount of 300 participants competed in the fishing competition being held at Tasik UNITEN.

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Being Anything You Want To at JCCU’s Costume Party


Everyone, dressed up as all sorts of characters, at the end of the party.

KAJANG, 4st November – ‘Costume Party’ was recently held by the Japanese Cultural Club Uniten (JCCU) on the 30th October 2017 from 6pm to 10pm at the BV1 Theatre. Aimed to entertain party guests by allowing them to ‘be whatever they want’, the party buzzed alive with many games and performances, where guests were served a variety of dishes for a night of fun.

Among the performances was diploma student, Daniel Zaki, or better known by his alias, DZ, whose rapping and singing got the crowd riled up. There was also a short skit by team “No Honour” who parodied a game infamously known for its difficulty, Dark Souls, that really brought out the laughs from among the participants. Byron Melvin Benjamin, one of the participants said, “The party’s great. Everyone’s having fun and feeling excited. I feel that we can all be ourselves here.”

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Bringing the EP Solar Spirit to SMK Subang Utama!


IET UNITEN On Campus, UNITEN EP Department & SMK Subang Utama during the end of workshop.

SUBANG JAYA, 3rd November –  A mini solar charger workshop was organized by IET UNITEN On Campus in collaboration with UNITEN’s Engineering Department of Electrical Power (EP) on the 30th October 2017 (Monday) from 8:00am to 2:00pm, catered to expose students 15 years of age to the engineering world in this era, where technology is growing rapidly. IET UNITEN On Campus gave students the finest hands-on experience for the Form 3 students in SMK Subang Utama to construct a mini solar charger and a solar car with the guidance of IET UNITEN’s event facilitators.

Before the start of the workshop, Mr Mohd Azrin Bin Mohd Azau from UNITEN’s EP department gave a warm opening with introductions of our University as well as an informative talk on the engineering field, especially on power generation via electricity generation. Solar power was also briefly briefed to the students and passed on to Lim Jen-Kynn, event director of the workshop, to present on the safety precautions to be taken during the workshop followed by Benjamin Wong Wan An to explain the technical information in detail.

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SMU lancar #KITAUNITEN – Pupuk semangat kebersamaan

Majlis Pra Pelancaran dan Sidang Media Kempen #KITAUNITEN

PUTRAJAYA, 31 OKTOBER – Cetusan idea kempen #KITAUNITEN yang lahir daripada ilham dan inisiatif Skuad Media Uniten dengan kerjasama Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar telah mendapat sokongan  pihak pengurusan tertinggi universiti serta beberapa pihak yang lain. Inspirasi ini telah dijayakan dengan Majlis Pra Pelancaran dan Sidang Media Kempen #KITAUNITEN yang berlangsung di Pusat Pelajar Uniten. Majlis yang dihadiri  pihak pengurusan tertinggi Uniten, staf – staf dan para pelajar dilihat dapat memberikan impak yang sangat positif terhadap pelancaran kempen tersebut.

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BOLD Grants Awarded to UNITEN Staff

Recipients of the BOLD grants alongside Dato’ Kamal and Datin Lariyah.

KAJANG, 2nd November – UNITEN Start-Up/BOLD Grant Recipients and Post Doctoral Researchers Meet Up Session 2017 was conducted at the Student Lounge, UNITEN Student Center (USC) on the 30th October 2017. The event was held to congratulate the recipients of the BOLD Grant, granting approximately RM1.3 million to 64 of UNITEN’s academic staffs as well as start-up grants totaling RM430, 000 to 22 of the academic staffs.

An initiative to transform UNITEN into a globally competitive energy-focused university by 2025, the initiative known as BOLD2025 compromises a variety of aspects. The grants given to members of staff serves as an incentive to further encourage them to further conduct their own researches to even greater heights and to even higher levels.

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Bulls-eye Brawl With Bows And Arrows

Congratulations to Team Rothman for swiping the first place in the tournament!

KAJANG, 1st November – Runningman: Archery Tag, organised by the College of Foundation and Diploma Studies (CFDS), was live at UNITEN Putrajaya’s Hockey Field on the 28th of October 2017 from 8.00am till 2.00pm. Participated by ten groups of five each, ranging from different ages and backgrounds determined to be the champion of the battlefield.

Promoting one of the sports loved by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad SAW, Runningman: Archery Tag implemented the essence of archery into a fun team domination experience with a fast-paced strategic approach. The teams were required to collect as many points before the time ran out either by eliminating the enemies or hitting the targets precisely.

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