A circular symbol that means nothing,
    But also everything.
    A symbol of paradox, where beginning and the end means the same thing,
    So when I have a blank space in my head,
    A void devoid of anything,
    trying to avoid everything,
    I feel a fear in me.
    Whether this is a beginning of something terrible
    Or the ending of something incredible.


    Counting Our Blessings (A Rant)

    What am I thankful for?

    How do you start a piece with a catchy starter? Because I don’t know how. And, I don’t think I can wreck my brain to come up with one.

    So, as I was travelling to KLIA2 last Sunday, a friend asked me if I want to write something for the upcoming Filler Friday. I, actually, have quite a few things on my plate but then the theme caught my attention. The theme is to write about something that we are thankful for and I know, majority of us (or, is it just me? Huh.) will instantly think that we do not have much thing to be thankful for. My, my, we (or, maybe, me) are such a negative person.

    Therefore, here am I, occupying a space at KLIA2’s food court, typing some words into Microsoft Word while waiting for a friend to arrive. Let’s start counting our blessings, should we?


    In the Name of Cats

    When little Amir was five, he had a cat. With soft, willowy tufts of fur and the most adorable mewl you could imagine, Amir had affectionately called her Upak (or rather, his mother did – he just followed suit). Upak was the sweetest, cutest, most wonderful cat in the history of cats – Amir would rush home from tadika just to wrap his arms around the feline and embrace that glowing warmth that burst from within her.

    Amir slowly grew up – Upak did too, of course, maturing gracefully with her nine lives, growing bigger and fatter and ever more pampered. By the time Amir was fifteen, Upak had reached a great age. She was a little heavy from the years of constantly being fed cat food and sardines (Amir always threw them out when his mum wasn’t looking) and, though old, was still very much happy and alive.


    [Filler Fridays #6]: #KitaUniten



    Friends and fellow comrades,
    In the midst of brisky days and nights,
    Take a jiffy moment,
    Ponder on how life works,
    We sail the ark of life,
    As the manic wave gushing ahead,
    Marching as a crew,
    Boatswain on the deck,
    Helmsman on the steer,
    Powder monkeys with the flask,
    Along the journey to the isle of glory,
    Battles over battles encountered,
    Leaving the sail in dire,
    Nevertheless fellas and colleagues,
    With a strong symphony played by the force,
    Forged a robust will,
    Carving an effigy of pride and honour,
    Standing in majesty,
    Till the realm itself known,
    In union there is strength.

    Written by : Hafiz Roslee


    “Shh… It’s All Right.” (My Experience in Murni)


    I used to live in M1 last semester. I shared a room with one of my coursemates who we will call ‘Liyana’ for convenience.

    So, one day, I was extremely exhausted from classes and whatnot. It was 6pm and I was on my period and though I should’ve showered, I didn’t want to bother at the time. Instead, I just tucked myself into bed, closed my eyes and dozed off.

    I woke up at 8:30pm to relieve myself in the bathroom and then proceeded to play with my phone, innocently oblivious of the horror that awaited me. If I had known what would happen, I would’ve just stayed awake the whole night. However, instead, my tired self decided to just fall completely into a deep sleep, phone still within my grip.


    Aishah (My Experience in Ilmu)


    So, this happened back during my foundation years in 2015 and involves my friend (let’s call her ‘Aishah’, which isn’t her real name by the way) and I.

    My friend and I had just finished answering our Test 1 for Calculus and we were walking back home to our place in Ilmu. Aishah seemed to be really down in the dumps, apparently unable to answer the questions that Madam had prepared and being the good friend that I was, I invited her to come along and rest in my place. Aishah agreed and so, we ended up in my room.

    I was studying for another test at the time while poor, tired Aishah decided to take a short nap. Hesitant to sleep on somebody’s bed, she decided to sleep on the floor instead. It was a little weird, yes, but I didn’t really mind it. Whatever floated her boat.

    She slept around 4pm-ish. I remember because shortly after she dozed off, I heard the Masjid blast the azan that indicated it was Asar. Everything was normal at first. I studied. She slept. Nothing out of the ordinary.


    The Home of the Homeless

    It was a typical working day whereby me, my husband and our workers went to the oil palm plantation to harvest palm oil.

    I was walking further into the menacing forest without realizing it as I was so into harvesting the oil palms. I was basically far away from the others, deep in the forest, alone.

    The wind was blowing hard. The trees and the surrounding bushes were rustling ominously. I thought I was being witless as I was starting to quail, crept out by the the crows surrounding me, cawing continuously, like loud, angry echoes.


    The Clapping (My Experience in Cendikiawan)



    This story took place in C1 a little over one year ago, during the first semester of last year. At that time, it was exam season, finals to be exact and my merry bunch of friends and I decided to spend the entire night studying together.

    Everything was going pleasantly well at first. We had our Computer Organization paper in two-ish days and we were making good progress. I think there was around six or seven of us and the atmosphere in that house was basically very light and cheery and busy with discussions.

    But of course, as time progressed, our energy slowly and gradually decreased. Some of us decided to hit the hay earlier than the others. They’d close their laptops and lie down somewhere in the living room; we all made a pact to sleep there together that night, simply because of convenience.


    My Roommate (My Experience in Amanah)


    This is a true story that happened to me.

    During my first semester of my degree life in UNITEN, I stayed over at Amanah, particularly in a room located somewhere on the second floor of A5. Amanah, as I had heard, had always been well-known for looking somewhat creepy but I chose to not simply judge a book by its cover. That was however until something happened that had me questioning everything.

    Amanah was described to me as a rather creepy place to live in by my friends.

    My roommate and I had settled in for the night, each lying down in our own respective beds, lights off, blankets warm, pillows hugged firmly to the chest. We got into a small conversation for a while until, slowly, the both of us lulled off into our own world of dreams. I remember everything was nice and quiet and peaceful, a soothing night almost.

    But then, a huge thud immediately caught my attention. My eyes shot up wide open and I immediately looked to the carpeted floor, the apparent source of the noise. Fortunately, it was only my roommate who had somehow managed to fall off his bed in the middle of the night. In relief, I resumed sleep as normal, glad that it wasn’t someone breaking in or something.